Embarking on a Voyage of Discovery: Life at Sea’s Three-Year Global Cruise


Embark on an unprecedented journey with Life at Sea Cruises, the world’s first three-year, round-the-world tour that promises adventure, luxury, and the comfort of home all in one. With bookings starting at Rs. 24 lakh, this cruise offers an opportunity to explore 135 countries and immerse oneself in the cultures of the world without ever leaving the comfort of your floating residence. Here’s what you can expect from this extraordinary voyage.

The Dream of Global Exploration

The idea of circumnavigating the globe on a cruise ship is a dream for many. Life at Sea Cruises turns this dream into reality, offering a comprehensive itinerary that spans across all seven continents, covering 140 countries and 382 ports.

Unmatched Comfort and Luxury

Life at Sea Cruises ensures that your long-term stay on the water is as comfortable as it is thrilling. From spacious cabins to gourmet dining options and a plethora of onboard activities, every aspect of the cruise is designed to provide a luxurious experience.

A Community at Sea

What sets this cruise apart is the sense of community it fosters among its passengers. With long-term travel comes the opportunity to build lasting friendships and connections, creating a unique and supportive community on the high seas.

Work and Play in Harmony

For those who wish to balance work and leisure, the cruise offers high-speed Starlink internet, allowing passengers to work remotely while exploring the world. This feature caters to the growing trend of digital nomadism, where work can continue uninterrupted against the backdrop of the world’s most stunning landscapes.

All-Inclusive Living

The all-inclusive package is designed to take the hassle out of long-term travel. From meals and beverages to entertainment and Wi-Fi, everything is included in the upfront cost, ensuring a worry-free journey.

Health and Wellness at Sea

Staying healthy is a priority, even more so on a three-year voyage. Life at Sea Cruises boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center staffed with certified personal trainers and equipped with the latest exercise machines to keep passengers fit and energized.

Immersive Port Experiences

Unlike traditional cruises, Life at Sea offers extended stays in ports, allowing for deep exploration of local cultures and attractions. With 2-3 days in each port, passengers can enjoy immersive experiences that go beyond surface-level tourist activities.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is a key concern for modern travelers, and Life at Sea Cruises addresses this by implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting responsible tourism throughout the journey.


rajkotupdates Life at Sea’s three-year cruise is more than just a holiday; it’s a life-changing experience that offers an unparalleled opportunity to see the world. With the promise of adventure, luxury, and a global community, this cruise is set to redefine the concept of travel.


  • What is included in the all-inclusive package? The all-inclusive package covers accommodation, meals, beverages, onboard entertainment, and Wi-Fi, among other amenities.
  • Are pets allowed on the cruise? Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the cruise ship.
  • Can family and friends visit me on the cruise? Yes, there is no charge for additional guests staying in your cabin, though they are responsible for paying local port taxes and fees.
  • Is there a possibility to transfer my trip to a relative? Yes, the cabin can be transferred to a third person with two weeks’ prior notice to Life at Sea Management.
  • Is there a fitness center on the cruise ship? Yes, the cruise ship has a fully equipped fitness center open 24 hours a day.
  • Is Wi-Fi available on the cruise? Yes, global Star-Link Wi-Fi is available and included in the package.

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